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As the word "Extra" implies, this is all the stuff that didn't fit onto the other pages. Miscellaneous artwork, stuff to download, and (if the need arises) fanart. Incidentally, if you want to send me fanart of my characters, the address is at the bottom of this page. Make sure your message has a relevant title, like "Squid Ninja Fanart" of "Squid Ninja Fan Art" or "Fanart for Squid Ninja" or "Fan Art for Squid Ninja." You get the idea.

(Lotta graphics on this page; it might take a while to load.)


For now, the wallpaper is the only stuff I'm letting you take, and even then it's only for yourself. No selling; I mean it.
Ikago #1: 800X600
Ikago #1: 1024X768
Ikago #2: 800X600
Ikago #2: 1024X768
Hyacinth: 800X600
Hyacinth: 1024X768
Spix: 800X600
Spix: 1024X768

Miscellaneous Art

Stuff for your viewing enjoyment that isn't comics
Hyacinth in a swimsuit. This was my entry for Keenswim 2005, which was a site that I also happened to run. It didn't do too badly until halfway through the summer, when submissions mysteriously and abruptly (and I mean abruptly) stopped. It was fun, but I don't think I'd do it again, because it took a lot of time away from me that I used to spend on the comic, and I seemed to have trouble getting back into the routine.
The same summer I entered Hyacinth in the Miss Keenspace 2006 event, which featured a formal wear portion and a swimwear event. Since the comic was pretty new at the time, I don't remember her getting much attention that year. Still, it was fun to participate and get my name out there.
The gang at Halloween 2005. Hyacinth as a fairy, Spix as a magician, and Ikago as Spider-Man. I suppose the idea for the costume is pretty on-the-nose, but it was one of those things that I had to do to see how it worked out. Not too bad, in my opinion, as long as the Marvel folks don't sue.
Based on a brief discussion at the Comic Genesis Forum, here is the Squid Ninja versus the Squid Pirate. Obviously I'm going to be biased as to the outcome of this particular fight.
My ornament for the Comic Genesis Genmas Tree 2005.
This would have been my entry into Keenswim 2007, but I missed the deadline. So it's here for you to enjoy.
If I had remembered the dealine for the 2007 Miss Comic Genesis pageant, this would have been Hy's formalwear entry.
... And this would have been her swimwear entry. I'm happiest with the way this one turned out.
This was the required illustration of the participant's skill/powers/abilities. I think it shows off the eidolon powers pretty well, while ignoring the inconvenience of the subsequent insanity.
The annual Squid Ninja Birthday Celebration Pic; this is Year Three.

Featured Art

Stuff that was featured on the main page once
The first Featured Art is a piece I had kicked around for a while, entitled "Ikago Pondering the Head of Lincoln." Originally, I wanted the head of Teddy Roosevelt, but I couldn't get him to look right. He resembled one of those Asian caricatures you'd see in Bugs Bunny cartoons in the 1940s. So I went with an easier-to-recognize President, which is alright, I guess. Teddy looked kind of menacing, glaring and showing his teeth, which detracted from the pensive spirit of the picture. I'm not sure what Lincoln is thinking here, but he clearly looks displeased, as most disembodied heads would be.
This piece doesn't have a fancy title, but the intent is obvious enough that it doesn't need one. Sort of on-the-nose, too, but Ikago doesn't always prefer subtlty. Sometimes a big gesture is the better way to make your point. I ended up making this one a t-shirt design.
I'd been kicking this idea around in my head for a while before it ended up here. Don't know if this counts as offensive, but the joke is meant to be completely innocent. I doubt that anybody has the access to a catapault needed to carry this kind of thing out anyway, so it's not like I'm going to be corrupting the masses or anything.
Just a quick sketch done without the luxury of guidelines; Ikago's counting down the time until he gets to be in the comic again. Won't be long, buddy. As a side note, replacing his arm band with a watch got me thinking about how much the giant jewel hanging on his chest makes him resemble Flava Flav. Heaven help us.
Hyacinth celebrates Comic #300. I inked this with a quill pen, which I bought not too long ago and have never used before. After removing the guidelines, the linework looks pretty squiggly. It's up here because I want a "before" picture for when I get good enough to show "after" work. Eventually, I plan to ink the comic exclusively using this pen, so this will be a "way back when" kind of pic.
You've seen Squid Ninjas already; well, here's a Ninja Squid. More or less. It's another quill pen test. I suppose it looks a little better than the linework on the last one, so I'm not too disappointed or anything. Can't wait to get better at it, though.
More quill practice, this time without any guidelines. I picked Lou because he's kind of tough to do without a guide circle to use as a reference. As I had feared, he ended up a little flat on the backside, but overall it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.
Not a character from the comic, but another quill pen test. It occurs to me with this one that a good deal of the imperfections in the original linework become marginalized when the image is resized for the Internet. I guess that's fine for the purposes of this comic, but I still hope to get better so I can use the quill pen for other art projects.
Tube Top Girl returns. Now I'm actually considering putting her into the comic, because there's an "open slot" for a character, as it were. Plus it would give me a chance to figure out that energy loop thing jumping between her fingers.
Ikago hasn't been Featured in a while, so here's a quill sketch of him. He seems to do a lot of chopping with that sword; hope it doesn't get too dull too quickly, or he'll have to steal another one.
Ikago representing the significance of the second anniversary of the comic by indicating the number two with his fingers. Drawn without any guidelines, which made for an... interesting result.
If you bought the Squid Ninja Gallery book, you probably remember the robot Ikago picture. This is a different version in that it's a cyborg Ikago. He seems to like this form better, but, on the other hand, the other version didn't have a mouth at all, so it's not an entirely fair comparison.
Quite the experiment in adding some realism to my work. I don't intend to do the comic this way (unless I get really good at it), but I wanted to give it a shot and take a risk showing it publically. This is also the first time Spix has showed up in Featured Art.
Another Spix, this time done in an extra-cartoony style compared to what I usually do. This was also a test in speed, and the guidelines were left in to show just how few pencil and pen strokes were used to make it. There was also no computer correction or anything (which also makes this one of the few quill pen drawings I've done so far with no ink smudges of any kind on it).
An extra-cartoony fight between Ikago and Spix. I was trying to add a little "oomph" into my ususal style, and I like the way this turned out for the most part, but I'm not sure if I want the look of the comic to go this way.
Annie, formerly Tube Top Girl, gets some more exposure. Er, attention.
A bit of a celebration in honor of Comic #500 (April 1, 2008) featuring the principles.
The first ever Ikago action figure! Made from a Stikfas Ninja with epoxy putty sculptings and a ribbon for the trailing headband, it's not exactly proportioned like the real Ikago, but I wanted to keep its Stikfas roots intact.
Hyacinth as a "yakuza wife;" a Shoutbox request from a fan, although for the life of me I can't remember who.

Fan Art By Me

Stuff I drew for other people
When The Mansion of E celebrated its 1000th comic, I made this little tribute. There's a whole world there that has a lot of clever writing (and, come on, over 1000 comics will keep you reading for a long time), so go check it out.
The tile character of Ninja John, another cool ninja comic. We ninja comics have to stick together, you know, so give his work a look-see.
A piece I made for The Green Avenger. I think it got lost in the mail, though. Check out the comic; it's got a nice "slice of life/superhero" thing going on.
I did this one to help out when Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T. experienced a brief hiatus. The comic's a neat satire, and it's rather cartoony/anime-y, which is fun.
I had this idea after reading through the archives of Reasoned Cognition, which you should also read because you'll learn something if you do.
I made this one for Distant Era's 100th comic milestone. It's a cute "fish out of water/time travel" kind of story, so go give it a read.
I made this one for Veena, which is a comic I would describe as "delightfully trippy." Not for kids, but neither is my comic, so if you like mine you'll like this one.
In 2006, I was the Comic Genesis Secret Santa for Legendary, so I made him this group shot of the cast of his comic. Although it's not the first comic of its kind, it's a pretty cleverly written story, and the characterizations are well done, so go check it out.

Fan Art For Me

Stuff that other people drew
Hyacinth as drawn by M² of junkRIOT.
For the Comic Genesis Secret Santa event in 2005, I got this from Robert Cook of The Mansion of E. I love the attitude, and the sound effect that the knife makes is awesome.
A colored-in version of the Squid Ninja background done by a dude named Xanthian.
For Comic #300, I got this sweet group shot from K. Thomsen of The Peace Keepers Force.
This little gem came from my older brother, also to commemorate Comic #300.
This one came from Vinnie D of AntiBunny; he was my Secret Santa for Comic Genesis' 2006 celebration of the holidays. Well done, D.
This one came in celebration of the comic's second anniversary courtesy of Johndar from Ninja John. I think this counts as ninja props.
Here's a dynamic-looking Ikago from WP m-theory. I can't look at it without thinking the sound "WOOSH!" in my head.
This little gem came from my older brother, to commemorate the comic's third birthday.
My sister Jenny made this righteous birthday cake with her own two hands for my 28th birthday.

My brother made me my very own Ikago mask for my birthday! Rule!

When I got this, I was thinking: "Awesome, a disguise! Now I can commit crimes!" But then I thought: "Wait, who are the authorities going to suspect first when someone dressed as Ikago burglarizes houses in the hometown of the guy who makes Squid Ninja?" Then I realized: "What are the odds that the local cops even read Squid Ninja?"

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