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Main Cast


The titular hero, er, protagonist... main character. As a Ninja, he possesses abilities abeyond that of a normal person. As a member of the Ghost Orb clan, he was given a possessed jewel that rests in the middle of his headband. When he took the blame for messing up an assassination attempt on the Mayor of Harbor Crescent, the clan's patriarch banished him and essentially sentenced him to death if he was ever found again. Luckily, they didn't take it back when they kicked him out, so he can still summon his battle spirit if need be. Aside from spending time perfecting his craft, like any good Ninja, Ikago all too often finds himself dealing with his friends. Don't these people have lives?

Ikago's signature weapon is the Tenta-Kiru, or SquidBlade. Consisting of a diamond-shaped blade on the end of a chain tucked into a metal shaft, the weapon is used primarily to stab, occasionally as a grapple, and rarely to slash. Nobody knows if Ikago made it or had it made for him, and it's rumored that he has a second, much in the way that a squid's feeding tentacles come in pairs.

Hyacinth Petal

Daughter of the wealthy paper magnate Barnaby Petal, she is the youngest of three, with an older brother and an older sister. Enrolled in Harbor Crescent University's graduate program, she is studying business in order to join her father's company someday. Not that that's what she wants to do.

Hyacinth has a genuine concern and sense of empathy for others that tends to manifest itself in what some call meddlesome behavior. She never passes up an opportunity to lend a hand, which most people appreciate but which some find irritating. Recently this tendency got her involved with the eidolon called Lou, and she has been granted the mantle of the "Night-Key" and all the supernatural powers that go with it, despite the fact that she was not entirely prepared for it.

Spix McGraw

Sort of a drifter/hired gun. Born in Ireland, raised a little in the States, he found his way to Harbor Crescent while looking for someone named "Folús." Just who that is has not been revealed. In fact, there's a lot of stuff about him that has yet to be revealed.

Spix maintains a generally laid back attitude, but tends to have a short temper when dealing with people whom he knows don't like him. He is skilled at fighting in a variety of styles, both armed and unarmed, among them the mystical "Vacuum Breaker," which is an explosion fired from the palms of his hands.

Supporting Cast

Archer McCleod

Hyacinth's boyfriend and all-around nice guy. Ingratiatingly nice guy, actually. Being on of the few men in the city who was not attracted to her wealth, Archer further solidified his place in Hyacinth's life by enrolling in nearly all the same college courses as she had. He lives in Harbor Crescent, but was born on the mainland.

Toilet Koi

Ikago's pet/prisoner. Although it is clearly a magical creature because of its ability to talk, it is dubious as to whether it has the ability to grant wishes, as any proper talking fish should. It either doesn't, or it does and chooses not to. If you had to live in the crapper, you might be a little reticent to help people, too.

The Ghost Orb Clan

Ikago's old clan; each member wears a jewel on his/her headband, possessed by the spirit of a different animal. Ruthlessly loyal to their code, they typically have little patience in dealing with others, like non-Ninjas. Nevertheless, they perform a variety of jobs for the more discreet businesspeople in Harbor Crescent, ranging from bodyguard work to espionage to assassinations. It is thought that they are responsible for driving the samurai off of the island centuries ago, as well as killed off every competing Ninja clan.


Leader of the Ghost Orb Clan. Keeping an iron grip on the clan's traditions, he has a standing order that any member of the clan is required to kill the renegade Ikago on sight. The jewel on his headband has been passed down the generations of the clan's leaders (along with the name "Toshi"), and it is rumored that it holds not an animal inside but the soul of an actual person, which would make it unique among all of the ghost jewels.


Largest member of the Ghost Orb Clan, he is described by Ikago as being too big to be of any use on most of their jobs. Still, he is revered as the best fighter in the clan. Whether he's better than Toshi (or Ikago, actually) has not been determined. Emboying the typical "letting one's actions speak for onesself" attitude, he speaks very little and tends not to interact with his comrades much. His jewel holds the ghost of a bull in it.


Lou is an eidolon, that is, a supernatural being living on a different reality plane than our own. Like his brethren, he interacts with our reality through the use of channels, or people picked to bridge his powers over the rift between planes. He kind of tricked Hyacinth into being his channel by not telling her exactly what the position entailed. One can definitely say that he has a knack for holding information back.

Andrew Waite

Rich CEO of a security company, among many other business ventures, some legitimate, some not so much. He has a meticulous attitude that has helped him manage several businesses at the same time. The ill-fitting glass eye is rumored to be there to keep him focused, although some think it's there to keep him irate.

P. Oliver Hazarde

Waite's personal assistant, and, by "chance," the vice mayor of Harbor Crescent. It's good for him that nobody knew the vice mayor was also second-in-command of the largest corporate body on the island, or else they might have taken issue with him killing the mayor and assuming his office.


One of the three Ghost Orb Ninjas who attended the ill-fated attempt on the Mayor's life that led to the banishment of Ikago. It was revealed, just before he was killed, that he intentionally gave their position away that night. After murdering him, Ikago took his headband, which hold the ghost of a wolf inside.


The third Ghost Orb Ninja present at the botched mayoral assassination. She knows something more about the night beyond the fact that Ryokami was the one who framed Ikago, but she's not too keen on spilling the beans. Her jewel, by the way, has the ghost of a shark inside it.


Whatever Asmodax is, he is apparently following Spix around, and is many times larger than a two-story building. He seemd interested in a mask that does or did once belong to "Folús;" he is pressuring Spix to find it for him. Why he wants it has not yet been revealed.

Barnaby Petal

Hyacinth's father, and head of the Petal Paper Company. In typical fashion, he is highly protective of his youngest child, and does not take kindly to the idea that she may be in danger to any degree. If he ever found out what she was really doing , he'd probably have a heart attack.


Ikago's self-proclaimed arch-rival. He has an unnatural desire to replace Ikago in the Ghost Orb Clan, despite the fact that Ikago is no longer in the clan. Whatever he is, he has an unbreakable cartilaginous skeleton, and is almost a match for a Ninja in a fight. Rumor has it he lives in a swamp, or at least underwater.


This Ninja, who has yet to reveal much about herself, might be the only one on the island of Harbor Crescent who is not-- and never was-- a member of the Ghost Orb Clan. One would assume that the Ghost Orb has no idea of her exitence, or they might take issue with it. She helped Spix and Hyacinth find Lou's temple, and later helped Ikago find the same place. She doesn't seem to be as anti-social as a Ghost Orb Ninja.

Rowan Mannix

An underworld courier, he was hired by Waite to secure an item (see below) and bring it from Europe to Harbor Crescent. He took it upon himself to make sure he kept in Waite's employ, however, by messing with the device such that he was the only one alive who could operate it. Whether this was a good idea or not remains to be seen.


A robot of some sort that can only be activated by the sound of Rowan Mannix's voice (see above). Andrew Waite has charged it with the task of exterminating the city of Ninjas. It has the ability to stretch its limbs and repair both interior and exterior damage, which leads one to wonder what the heck it's made of.

Cleo Parker

Hyacinth's classmate and one of her best friends. She has a habit of filling in for the worry that Hyacinth's mother does not always provide, and tends to think in terms of keeping her friend out of trouble, which puts surprisingly less strain on their friendship than most people would expect.

Sesarma Bidens

Depending on whom you believe, she's either the wisest person in the world or a crazy lady who wanders around the mountains on the back of a gigantic crab. Her age seems to be the subject of speculation, too.

Nath All

You don't see the phrase "anthropomorphic nose" thrown around a lot, but here it is. Whatever Nath is, he's rather friendly and has a talent for conjuring, that is, pulling inanimate objects from one location to another using his mind. Not bad.


Vapor is another eidolon. He's also kind of a jerk. After his disciple was killed, he vowed revenge, claiming that he would find a new lackey and return to Harbor Crescent to settle the score with Ikago.


Vapor's disciple, apparently giving up even his original name in service to the eidolon. Taking him down was something of a joint effort between Ikago and Spix, but the Ninja claimed the assigned one thousand points for killing him.


Nerve is an eidolon who brought his channel to Lou's temple to challenge Hyacinth. Like Vapor, he also vowed revenge when his disciple was killed. It must be something they all do when they lose.


Nerve's disciple, and a man who has lost the use of nearly all of his sensory organs. The only thing that functions is his nervous system, which he uses to pick up sensations of even the slightest intensity. With Nerve's power amplifying this ability, he is able to handle himself more than adequately in a fight. At least he was until Hyacinth killed him.

Mayor Jehoshephat

The recently murdered Mayor of Harbor Crescent. Wasn't a bad guy, but not terribly inspiring as a politician either. His trusted assistant, the Vice Mayor Oliver Hazarde, shot him after pretending to rescue him from a gang of Ninjas. It was also revealed that Hazarde had been working for Andrew Waite in secret for some time.


A wealthy man who was one of the Ghost Orb clan's best "clients." Unfortunately for him, Ikago beheaded him for being far too annoying a person.


Not the first punk to try to kill Ikago, but the first one since the Ninja's banishment. He's dead now, too.

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